Mighty bossy, are we not?

Where’s the fashion?  The Hills’ Lauren Conrad also revealed her new line at Project in Las Vegas this week!! Unfortunately, we have no pictures available at this moment.  Most of our photographers, sweethearts as always, are still busy helping her pack up!lc.JPGatt.JPGOn a side note: Usmagazine.com is reporting that Lauren Conrad’s old fling with Brody Jenner is apparently over for good!  Both Conrad and Jenner attended a Valentines’ Day party for the launch of the Paris Hilton Collection at Las Vegas’ Club Lax, but they hardly spoke to each other, and seemed to be flirting with other people…

Let’s hope her clothing is good.  If not, she just might have to run for the hills!  Now that her renowned romance is over, what will she be famous for?  Not even liking knowing her own designs?fo.JPG

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