International Supermodel Hag, Released on Bail

Naomi Campbell, is one of the most well known supermodels, standing only in the shadow of past greats, such as the former Victoria Secrets model, Tyra Banks. Unfortunately for those who she comes across, she has the attitude of an 11 year old, who is daddy’s spoiled, little, princess.

On Friday April 4Th Naomi was released on bail, following an April 3rd assault on two police officers in Heathrow Airport’s terminal 5 over a misplaced parcel of luggage. A terminal that is notorious for such incidents. Naomi Campbell was released from the airport police station just after midnight, and told to report back in late May for sentencing.

This isn’t a first for 37 year old Naomi, who is prone to frequent, and increasingly violent diva tantrums. Not that long ago she was ordered to serve community service for assaulting her assistant with a cell phone, I certainly hope it wasn’t a very nice one.

Campbell now faces the possibility of a lIFETIME! ban from British Airways (As if there are no other airways), as well as possible prosecution from the London Metropolitan Police. According to airline bigwigs, the possibility of banning Campbell from flying with British Airways is now under active review, with a final decision expected after the company completes an internal investigation. Tisk, tisk Naomi, time to start acting like a big girl.

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