Michael Lohan Wants to “Play With Fire.”

Michael Lohan has issued a challenge to K-Fed to step into the ring with him for a charity boxing match! 

In a statement released by Lohan to OK! Magazine, regarding a boxing match that appears to be all set up except for the fact his opponent has no idea about it, Lohan said;

“Everyone wants me to fight K-fed because he’s a notorious celebs dad and so am I, It’s for charity.”

Notorious? One is notorious for being a criminal dead beat dad of a three time rehab visitor, the other is notorious for bangin’ Britney Spears. Round one and the whole match goes to K-Fed by TKO!

Though the fight would take place to raise money for Long Island’s Fight for Charity,  Lohan insists it will not be “touchy-feely.”  He says;

“It’s serious boxing, you have to go get a trainer. I have to register with the Mature Boxing Association.”

Apparently Federline was not Lohan’s first choice for an opponent, he sent the offer to Richard Johnson, the editor of Page Six, who declined.  Lohan isn’t worried about someone younger, stronger, faster, who used to be a dancer for a living and had a breif stint in the WWE though, saying that;

“I don’t care who it is; it’s for charity. I’ve been beaten up by the press, so I don’t care if I get a few shots by a kid half my age.”

Hopefully K-Fed accepts and whoops the snot out of this guy!

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