L.C. and Justin Bobby??? Really?

For once,  I actually didn’t see it coming.  There’s been some obvious tension going on between Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge starting with Audrina’s moving out of the house, to little hints here and there via Myspace, but now there are little whispers starting to sneak out about what’s really going on.

Here’s a brief rundown:   Last week,  Audrina’s mood was “Shocked” and LC’sDisappointed” on their Myspace pages.

Yesterday; Spencer Pratt apparently told reporters at his and Heidi’s taco bell event that “My real prayers go to Audrina; she really needs it at the moment. She is going through a lot, I just wish her and her health all the best.” Adding, “Something big is wrong, but it is up to her as to whether she wants to go public with it.”

Naturally, Perez Hilton got to the bottom of it only to find out that Lauren and Audrina are not on speaking terms at the moment.

According to one of his Hills insiders,  Someone told Audrina that Lauren hooked up with Justin Bobby, who happens to be Audrina’s on again/off again boyfriend.

She confronted both about it, and while JB admitted to hooking up with Lauren,  Conrad herself denied that it ever happened.

If that ends up to be true, it will explain the myspace moods.  Audrina was shocked that LC would do that to her, and LC was disappointed that Audrina would believe something like that.

The most shocking thing of all this, is that Spencer was able to keep his mouth shut, but I’m sure that’s just because he doesn’t have any hate for Audrina, and Heidi would be disappointed if she lost her only shot at a female friend.

Or is Perez Hilton’s  “Hills insider” really just Spencer Pratt???? hmmm….

Either way who cares we’re still getting more Justin Bobby!

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