Palin’s Friendly Jab at Tina Fey, SNL Next?

Moments ago live at a campaign stop in Florida, Sarah Palin brought the house down while making a joke about Tina Fey in her closing statements.

I was only paying half attention at that very moment, and the crowd noise was super loud, but she said something along the lines of “I’ve already created one job by giving Tina Fey job security on Saturday Night Live.”

Unfortunately, she didn’t say “Joe-Sixpack” and for that I’m one shot short of a buzz.

Palin has admitted she thought the Fey sketches on Saturday Night Live have been funny, and that this comparison is not new, as she once dressed as Tina Fey for halloween.  (Side note: I hate when people dress up as regular looking people for halloween.)

Could the tables be turning in the near future?  Word on the street is that Palin could be headed for SNL before the election is held in just 29 days.  Both Barack Obama and John McCain have appeared on the show before, and Joe Biden is disqualified from contention for being boring, so Palin is the only one left to open or host the show.

The idea would be that maybe she could come in and open the show with a spoof of Tina Fey, namely one of her American Express commercials.

SNL is showing a re-run next weekend, so if she were to appear it would have to wait until October 18th, unless she appears on one of their Thursday night election specials, which start this week!

Check out one of Tina Fey’s American Express commercials after the jump.


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