America is Facing the Worst Depression Since ‘The Notebook.’

Paris Hilton just released her newest campaign video for this years presidency. The funny thing is Paris always seems to somehow slip in a potential solution to the issues between all the “BFF’s” and the “Loves it’s.”

In this video, posted up at Paris seeks advice from one of the greatest fake presidents of our time, Martin Sheen, who served two terms on NBC’s The West Wing.

Martin’s son, Charlie Sheen, even makes an appearance that could only be made by…Charlie Sheen.

Check it out below.

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6 Responses to America is Facing the Worst Depression Since ‘The Notebook.’

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    Hey more pics please, you must balance the text and the pictures 😀

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    Interesting! What are star’s lives in depression

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    How much of her can we see…. ?!

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    I like Paris Hilton

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    I LIKE PARIS!!!!

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