Perez Calls Out the Newlyweds.

Though he was the first to break the story, and his source was likely Heidi Montag or Spencer Pratt themselves, Perez Hilton posted a video this morning calling out the “newlyweds” on why they really weren’t married.

Perez claims that Mexico doesn’t work like Las Vegas where you can get married without any sort of preparation. They have certain stipulations set such as submitting blood tests, being in Mexico a certain amount of days before being married, and according to their US Magazine article, Spencer and Heidi were sitting on the beach and decided to marry on a whim, hours later they were husband and wife.

Another thing he points out is that Us Weekly got the photos and put them out just in time for their Thanksgiving issue, which will be on news stands during the busy travel holiday. The whole thing sounds like it was planned far, far in advance, with the mag likely paying $200-300,000 for the story.

The final claim is how it was so convenient they had a professional photographer with them on their trip at that moment, but the truth to that is Spencer and Heidi would have had a photographer on their trip with them wedding or no wedding. Even if the only photos sold of them on this vacation were building a sand castle, they would still have been set up well in advance.

So are they married or not?  Perhaps we’ve all been dooped here, oh well.  We all still win.   Us Magazine wins because they get a story that sells mags, creates stories from many other angels, and gives them the rights to the photos of Heidi’s dream wedding for friends and fam that she will end up having, Speidi wins, because they make a butt load of money now, and a butt load more down the line when the real wedding happens, and we the fans get this hot story that we go crazy about, with much much more to come.

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