Audrina’s Hills Recap, Oh Brother!

Cieling eyes posted her recap to last night’s Hills episode where she sorts out the LC/ Justin Bobby drama, and the whole time I read it I felt like it was one of those times where you come home late from the bar and post a bulletin on Myspace, or send out an email that when you wake up the next morning your like, “oh crap.”

She talks about how sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut and smile when something bothers you. Audrina dear, this would have been one of those times.

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In last night’s episode, Lauren and I resolved things ~ I guess third time’s the charm! After the smoke finally cleared we were both able to sit down and have an actual adult conversation. I didn’t ask to be informed, falsely or otherwise, that my “best friend” and my “boyfriend” were involved in some carnal activity. It was very disturbing to have a rumor, that could have easily been killed, thrown in my face over and over again.

I just want to put it on record that never did I EVER call Lauren a “slut,” “bad friend,” “shady person,” etc… I simply asked her a question and that’s how she interpreted it. I didn’t go around town running my mouth either. I confided in Heidi because she knows how Lauren works and when Lauren hung up on me and was acting like a child, I obviously thought the worst. I do always find it interesting to watch the episodes and see what senseless gossip people come up with!

Bottom line, Justin and Lauren treating me like I wasn’t worthy of an explanation was almost worse than the rumor itself, and it only got worse the harder I tried to get a genuine answer. Instead, I got screamed at and they both got super defensive. Let me just remind everyone that this rumor didn’t appear out of thin air, they were both at the same place at the same time, but apparently what was said to have happened never actually did. I am very glad this whole thing is over and this blog will be the last time I address the issue.

As for Justin, his inexcusable behavior has become somewhat expected at this point and I just want to say that if I were looking for a serious relationship, I would definitely be looking elsewhere! Dealing with a situation such as this one, where the two people who you really need to talk to are the very same two who turn their backs on you and treat you like you mean nothing, has really opened my eyes. I have never been one to hold grudges though, life is just too precious. So I guess I learned a very valuable lesson this week ~ communication is NOT key, so if something bothers you, keep your mouth shut and smile, or you will end up apologizing later. 🙂

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