What is it With This Girl?

No, not Kendra, but the other one that nobody ever talks about. Bridget!

Ever since the demise of the girls next door started going down, and Kendra left the mansion for Philidelphia eagle, Hank Baskett, and Holly started jetting off to Vegas for Criss Angel, Bridget has been out there talking about both of them what seems like every day.

No even bad things either, she’s just out there praising them every day.  In fact, Bridget claims that you wouldn’t even recognize wild child Kendra anymore.

“She’s changed so much. She’s not even the same person. I mean, she is the same, but she’s different. I love the old Kendra and I love the new Kendra.” Bridget tells People, adding that the new Kendra is, a lot more timely. She doesn’t flash anymore. She’s a lot more conservative. She’s so in love,”

Do you think Bridget gets jealous that nobody ever wants to know what she’s up to and only cares about Kendra and Holly??

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