Cast of Lipstick Jungle Won’t Let Go of Hope.

The final episode of Lipstick Jungle will air on NBC tonight, though some of the cast are keeping high hopes for the future.

Brooke Shields is keeping the faith based on some e-mails she’s been recieving.  Shields said during an interview in New York City this week, “We keep getting emails — they’re all positive — and the sets are still up.”

The few fans of the show are keeping their fingers cross for a return as well, though I know many knew this day was right around the corner when the show received the Friday night death sentence.

It will really be a shame to end it too!  Because if you’ve seen it and been keeping up (which you probably haven’t) you’d know they will be leaving things wide open tonight no matter how it ends.

Bring it back NBC, there are plenty of other shows to get rid of first.

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  • Sharon

    I really hope they bring this show back. Everyone I know really loves the show. I can’t believe viewership is as low as they say it is. The storylines are so good and the cast is great. They should move it back to a better time slot. I am really bummed that they might cancel it for good. NBC–RENEW IT PLEASE!!!

  • Courtney

    I love this show and cannot believe they are thinking about cancelling it! We have to know what happens after the episode they left us with Friday night!!!

  • Alexia Una

    I say KEEP the show it’s nice, I’ve been watching since it came out it’s better than Lucy Lui show (canned) that is just a biter of SEX IN THE CITY…This show is a different bite at the apple and the cast are fab. I love the stories behind each girls, props to the writers and actress/actors…KEEP IT!!!!!!!!

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  • edelweiss

    please please just take a lot of thought NBC..give this ladies a lot of hope..i just finishing the season 2 here in the philippines..the story is great, the characters also.. women power..i just had a new actress to admire and that is kim raver…..pls let the show go on

    edelweiss cutas of the philippines