This Explains It.


No wonder Maksim Chmerkovsky was acting like such a salty sal while checking out at the grocery store last night.   He’s got to go to work with Denise Richards every day.

Had I realized that, I would have maybe offered to help carrie his bags to the car, or gave him a dollar.

Denise is apparently making quite the name for herself at the DWTS studio, and it’s a word im not allowed to type on the internet!!

Show employees and insiders are speaking out against the reality star  calling her an “insecure” and “demanding” canker sore who ”complains about everything.”

A DWTS insider added,

”It’s really clear that she’s one insecure woman. She’s demanding and thinks she’s smarter than the rest of us, it’s really irritating.”

Don’t worry Maks, give it a couple weeks and she’ll have you eliminated from the show anyways and you’ll be able to just show up and cheer on Karina in peace.

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