Mickey Rourke Signs Iron Man 2 Deal.


There were rumors that he turned down a $250,000 pay check for a role in Iron Man 2, but finally film bosses have been able to strike a deal with the star of The Wrestler and 2008 Best Actor Nominee.

Apparently after his pay offer was upped, Rourke signed up to star alongside Robert Downey Jr. as the Russain villain, Whiplash.

Samuel L Jackson and Sam Rockwell also make up the star studded cast for the film that is scheduled to hit theaters in Summer 2010.

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One Response to Mickey Rourke Signs Iron Man 2 Deal.

  1. coffee maker March 22, 2009 at 1:00 am #

    Mickey Rourke will be a great addition to the Iron Man crew; he’s a really talented actor despite all the other drama

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