Tori Spelling ‘Handles’ Chelsea at A-List Awards.


Tori Spelling received an A-List award this weekend for best autobiography, and she took the time to address the jokes made about her by comedian Chelsea Handler who was also in attendance.

Spelling told the crowd and Handler;  “I want to thank you for finding ways to say I’m ugly and stupid, week after week,” said Spelling, who picked up the award for Celebrity Autobiography. “It’s funny I say that on the night that I know she is here. And now I’m worried to leave, because I don’t know if she’s going to hold me down and beat me up or try to feed me a sandwich.”

Handler carried the fun on later when she took the stage and apologized for looking so full, due to the fact she just ate Tori Spelling.  She thanked Tori for being able to take a joke and promised to “try my hardest not to tell her she looks like a man anymore. It’s not nice. Even if it’s true, it’s not nice.”

Nobody should take offense from a comedian!

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