King of the Jungle Speaks!


Of course, King of the jungle Lou Diamond Philips is a little bit different than if it were  king of the jungle Spencer Pratt .

If Spencer Pratt had one, we’d have tweet overload, rap songs, and bragging about the title on every media outlet that let him.

With Lou, its humble life lessons.

In an interview with OK! Magazine; LDP says of the experience; “One of the real blessing and surprises of this whole experience was competing with people who not only have accomplished so much in their lives but are just amazing human beings,“I really consider them close friends now and I’m never gonna lose touch with them.”

Lou was a clear cut favorite from the very begining, when he joined the competiton at the last minute, and his likeability showed on the show, as he was voted camp leader for two weeks in a row.

I think Lou ought to be a bit more of a tough guy about it.  You are king lou!  Say it loud and proud!

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