A Non-American Idol Alum Does Broadway


While on a six week hiatus from his daytime talk show, Jerry Springer played Billy Flynn in Chicago in London for a six week run. And now the New York Times says he might be going off to Broadway to star in the hit musical there.

Wait a minute — he was on hiatus? That means they still films new episodes of The Jerry Springer Show? How come whenever I flip by while channel surfing, none of the guests ever look like they live in modern day society? It’s still all mullets and flannel and genuine excitement like the show is actually relevant. I don’t believe it. Until a guest holds up an iPhone and a Lady Gaga CD on camera, I refuse to believe any of these episodes are new.

And sidenote, Springer’s show inspired the 2005 opera Jerry Springer: The Opera, and the role of Springer was played by none other than Harvey Keitel. Pretty freaking awesome.

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