Jon Stewart Considered Nation’s Most Trusted News Source Without a Hint of Sarcasm

The Daily Show

A Time magazine poll recently asked which news anchor was the most trusted, and Jon Stewart from The Daily Show came in first place with 44% of the vote.

The result comes as quite a shock as The Daily Show even calls itself a ‘fake news show’.

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Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News came in second with 29% of the vote, Charlie Gibson of ABC received 19% and poor old Katie Couric proved that no one trusts a woman, receiving only 7%.

Over 9,400 people responded to the poll, and it is not to be considered scientific (in other words, Jon Stewart’s mom could have voted 9,000 times).

This is a real lesson to all those schmucks who spend 4 years in Journalism school, then a wasted youth fetching coffee at the local Fox affiliate in Delaware- get a gig on MTV as a VJ, then crack jokes about politicians if you want to be an anchor.

The poll comes on the heels of the death of Walter Cronkite, the former ‘Most Trusted Name in News’.

Speaking truth to power and throwing in a dick joke once in a while is all America asks of a newsman nowadays, take note journalists.

Picture via: The Daily Show

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