Eva Longoria Parker’s New Do


Starzlife spotted Eva Longoria-Parker leaving a recent trip to Ken Paves salon in Beverly Hills lookin’ fine showing off her new do.

Unfortunately for Eva Longoria Parker, when you associate her with Ken Paves, you associate them both with Jessica Simpson, and their little circle will be forever tainted by the music video for Jessica Simpson’s Public Affair.

Any time I hear any of their names together I just picture them giggling in the back of a limo, with Ken Paves playing the role played by Christina Applegate.

Also, Ryan Seacrest, Andy Dick, and Brent Bolthouse in that video?  You’d think with a cast like that she wouldn’t be scraping her career of the highway right now.

How did a post about Eva Longoria turn in to Messica Simpson talk?   Either way, check out some more photos of ELP below.


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