Zachary Quinto Robs a Bakery at Gunpoint, Maybe?


Star Trek and Heroes star Zachary Quinto found himself being questioned by cops not once but twice today. A passerby saw Quinto holding up a bakery with a pistol, and called LAPD, according to E! Online.

The bakery, called Kiss My Bundt (it’s a pun- get it?), was the setting for a Funny or Die skit starring Quinto. I don’t get why Funny or Die is considered a respectable celebs outlet, yet YouTube is like community theatre.

The director was able to smooth things over with the police, but another squad car was sent to the scene after another person saw Quinto pointing his pistol in the bakery and yelling.

Next time I’m about to rob a store, I need to remember to bring a video camera with me so that should the cops be called I’ll just point at the cameraman and go, “Funny or Die skit” and the LAPD will give a knowing nod and roll along.

Picture via: Wikipedia

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