Is That Miley’s ‘Disgusted’ Look???


We spotted Miley Cyrus dining on Chinese in Studio City yesterday afternoon, something not uncommon of the Disney star around this town, but it was a bitter attitude for the short skirted one that appeared on twitter later that afternoon!

Writes Miley;  Being a paparatzi is the most DISGUISTING job imaginable.”

Followed by; “Being followed around by creepy photographers is NOT in the job description! YOU try being stuck inside cuz creepers are waiting for u.”

BTW Miles, it’s been around for years and years and years so yes, it is part of the job description!

You don’t look that unhappy though, so save the drama!

Check out some more photos of Miley below.

Anyone going to see her at Staples tonight?  Send pics or vids to, I’ll post em on the site!


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