The Duggars Have Another One; This Time A Grandkid!;;


Well Praise the Lord, and women with mullets!

The Duggar Family has done it again:  The eldest of the Duggar spawn, Josh and his unfortunately uterused wife, Anne have just had a baby.

On the wings of God’s love, Mackynzie Renée Duggar has arrived!

Grandmother Michelle is expecting baby #19 in January.  What good timing The Holy One has; the human breeding cycle will allow both women another baby by November 2010.

What a blessing!

If you think there’s something a little odd with this fine Arkansas family, then slip on a rubber or pop the pill and check them out on Discovery’s 18 Kids and Counting.

Contraception is highly recommended prior to switching the channel.

If I was Anne,  – I’d get out now, that thing’s going to be falling out of her prairie skirt long before she hits 21.

Look at the wedding pic above – Anne’s holding her dress down, to prevent her terrified vagina from running away.  Anne’s vage has probably been plotting her get away from the minute the engagement was announced!

Coming up on 18 Kids and Counting, ‘The Vagina That Ran Away’.

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