Uh, Overshare, Bro!: Jonathon Schaech Posts Video of His Proposal on Facebook


How old is too old to post a video blog of you proposing to your girlfriend on Facebook? 12? I think you can just barely get away with it if you’re 10. Jonathon Schaech just proposed to his girlfriend, One Tree Hill actress Jana Rae Kramer, and posted a video blog of it. She’s 26. He’s 40.

How old is too old for a man to have a mohawk? I’m going to say 6, unless he’s in a band, in which case it jumps to 21. Jonathon Schaech  is 40.

How many letters is too many to spell “Scheck”? I’d say 7.

How old is too old to skate around to Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” and sing along? I’m going to say all bets are off at a skating rink. You get a pass, Jana Rae Kramer. You’re still 40, Jonathon.

Click here for the legitimately disturbing video.

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