Kim Kardashian Casts Big Screen Family


When it comes to the Kardashian’s, I’d consider myself a fan, but there’s a certain line that just doesn’t need to be crossed!

It sounded like a silly game of “who would play you in the movie about your life,” but it turns out the Kardashian’s reality could be taken to the big screen!

Though it’s a stretch, Kim Kardashian only revealed that a big screen adaptation of ‘Keeping Up’ may be in the works.

She even went ahead and cast the roles of her family, though it seems she took the more “famous actor” approach of just picking out hot and sexy names even if they don’t fit the bill.

For younger sisters Kendal and Kylie, Kim chose Dakota Fanning and Rachel Bilson. For Kourtney and Khloe, Vanessa Hudgens and Liv Tyler. For Rob, Taylor Lautner. For Bruce and Kris, Michael Douglas and Catherine-Zeta Jones.

As for Kim herself, she went with the lovely Penelope Cruz.

Clearly the age ranges there alone would make those castings be a bit off, but she was just having a little bit of fun. Lets actually just hope she was having fun with the whole entire thing ,and the Kardashians as a family stick to the small screen.

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