Glee-Tards Upset Over Idol’s Second Run-Over


Fans of the hit show Glee are steaming mad again after an American Idol run-over costs them the recording of their shows final number  if forced to watch it on DVR.

Last week, the same thing happened, when host Ryan Seacrest took Idol 2 or so minutes past it’s end time, forcing  Glee to end 2 minutes late, forcing DVR’s to cut off promptly at the end time.

What I say is the Glee fans must be as big of losers as the characters they love on the show are!

1.)  Anyone with an ounce of DVR knowledge knows you always set your recordings to run two minutes over.  Even when it’s not live TV you are messing with, you some times need that extra time in order to catch the preview for next week.

2.) After it happened to you last week, forcing you to spend the rest of the night scouring the internet to find the clip you missed, you’d think these people would have learned from their mistake and added the extension to their recording.

Idol may be down, but FOX is not likely to give a darn if they go two minutes over, for the sake of Glee and the DVRs of America.

You can check out the clip you missed here.

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