Miley’s Boyfriend Defends Her Producer Lap Dance

Perks of dating a pop superstar:  Being questioned any time they do something deemed “out of character.”

That’s what Liam Hemsworth can look forward to for as long as he dates Miley Cyrus.

After the video surfaced of Miley grinding and giving a lap dance to a 44 year old producer at a wrap party for the film where Cyrus and Hemsworth first met and kicked off their romance, the actor is facing the media over what he thinks about the video.

Defending Cyrus, he explains;

“Everyone gets criticism, it’s kind of what comes with this job … everybody’s trying to bring you down. She’s got a good head on her shoulders.  We get along great, she’s a great girl. We work great together.  I think her new video’s great.”

Criticism does come with the job, Liam,  but when the criticism comes from video evidence of a man nearly the same age of Billy-Ray Cyrus (48) dancing sexually with a girl who was aged sixteen at the time, there’s got to be a line!

You can debate who to blame all day long, but you’d have to maybe look back to Billy Ray Cyrus as the root of the problem.

When asked about the video  Miley’s daddy responded; “It’s what people her age do…I give my kids a lot of freedom to make the art they want to make, and make it in their own voice.”

How does everyone close to Miley just not see what was going on in that video and pretend it’s regular?   Does she have hypnotizing powers?

Miley will be performing her new song, Can’t be Tamed, on Tuesday’s results episode of Dancing With the Stars.

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  1. media lad September 13, 2010 at 3:39 am #

    shes got major daddy issues she needs professional help on the highest level and those pics wif her dad wtf thts fked up sht

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