Lindsay: Michael Lohan to Blame For Missing Passport

Lindsay Lohan had to have known that as soon as she came up with the dog ate my homework stolen passport claim that nobody would believe her that it just mysteriously disappeared.

Though she did not report it to the french police like her lawyer first claimed, Lindsay is sticking by her story that she missed her court date this morning because her passport was swiped out from under her during her trip in order to prevent her from making it back to Los Angeles in time for court.

This angle let her do an interview and throw around some blame, as well.  So who does Lindsay blame for the stolen passport?  Her dear old dad!

She tells UsMagazine today via email; “I always said my father had someone do it.”

Well at least since she didn’t have time to rush back for court, she had time to sit down and sort of the financial arrangement for email interviews before going to her computer and answering the emails.

Though you can’t take Lindsay’s side in this one no matter what, it does seem like Michael would try and pull off as part of his diabolical plan to get Lindsay locked up one way or another.

Regardless of who done it, Lindsay’s ass is grass when she gets back to town!

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