Mel Gibson to Speak On His Baby Mama Drama

Mel Gibson will finally be breaking his silence this coming Monday when it comes to his bitter legal woes against the mother of his daughter, Oksana Grigoreva.

Only, Mel will be speaking directly to the judge.

Gibson has been ordered to give his deposition at a neutral location, and will only be permitted to speak about child custody and child support.  No talks of domestic abuse.

In comparison, Oksana is going to have to give her deposition on the same grounds, with no talk of extortion to be brought up.

Finally we’re getting somewhere with these two!

Who’s team are you on these days?

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One Response to Mel Gibson to Speak On His Baby Mama Drama

  1. For Justice October 26, 2010 at 1:42 pm #

    Oh, for f***** sake … do we have to be on a ‘team’ to want to see justice? This woman CLEARLY sought to trap a rich, famous man (how on earth do you get pregnant these days unless you want to?) and take him for all she can get. “I don’t want the money” OH REALLY! then why did she not go to the authorities in the very beginning, why did she not immediately call child protective authorities, why did she not hire a body guard to keep him away and MOSTLY … why did she go to the meeting to get the $15 mil in the first place. Bull, bull, BULL. She wanted to get more than they offered and when they said NO, she threw a fit. It will be interesting to learn who she is really in bed with …

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