NYC Officials Nix Snooki’s New Years Ball-Drop Plans

Snooki better have back up plans for New Years Eve , because she won’t be dropping from Times Square in the famous ball any more.

MTV and Snooki herself have been hyping the hamster-esque stunt for weeks, boasting that the Jersey Shore star would be inside of the ball in Times Square when it drops to welcome 2011.   Now it seems NYC city officials have other plans.

An insider revealed to “The Snooki ball drop isn’t going to happen in Times Square,” an insider tells me. “At midnight, the crowd and the media will be watching Mayor Bloomberg, Dick Clark and the official ball drop, not a cast member of the ‘Jersey Shore.'”   Adding; “No way would they allow this to take place. MTV rents a position in the Square that night like every other media outlet. You can’t get access to the Square without an official credential. You have to play by the official rules or you get kicked out, which is exactly what has happened to MTV and Snooki.”

We have a feeling if you took a vote, the crowd would choose Snooki over all three of those! We wouldn’t be surprised if MTV still drops her off of a building just for the ratings.

Snooki has been tweeting up a storm this morning, with no mention of the plans getting axed.  Either she doesn’t read up on her gossip sites, or she’s not worried at all about the plans being ruined by stick-in-the-mud city officials.

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