Billy Ray & Tish Cyrus New Years in Nashville

Billy Ray Cyrus and his soon to be ex-wife Tish were spotted doing lunch together at a P.F. Changs in Nashville this week, looking amicably says a spy on the scene.

Though it was not certain what the lunch was for, the possibilities could be endless!

Maybe they are working on a reconciliation in 2011, to get the Cyrus clan back together.  Maybe they were figuring out how to divide what’s left of Miley’s money since she turned 18.

Maybe they were talking about that hilarious video of the 18-year-old pop star smoking salvia from a … oh.  Probably not that.

Either way, we are honestly rooting for option one.  Happy new year Cyrus family, get it together!

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2 Responses to Billy Ray & Tish Cyrus New Years in Nashville

  1. Chris December 31, 2010 at 1:33 pm #

    Tish and her kids–except her oldest son Trace, who was in LA–spent Christmas with Billy at the family home near Franklin, Tennessee. So, Starzlife, I wonder if you considered the possibility that “what the lunch was for,” was so that they could get out of the house for a bit and have some lunch? Now that Billy lives full-time in Franklin–ever since Hannah Montana ended production last May–and Tish and the kids still live in Los Angeles, and now that they are getting divorced, it’s my guess that they dealt with all the necessary family business on the first few days of their visit together and by Weds., after having spent almost a week together, they had taken care of all the serious discussions and didn’t need to have a special lunch at PC Chows to accomplish that. So, in other words, your guesses sound pretty wild to me, especially the one about dividing all of Miley’s money. Billy Ray is an enormously wealthy man and doesn’t need to steal from his daughter. Celebrity Net Worth says Billy Ray has a fortune of $150 million.

  2. Gloria January 1, 2011 at 3:41 am #

    I agree with Chris. The comment about Splitting Miley’s money is crazy. Billy Ray has been a working artist since 1992, acting and singing, he has his own money.

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