Michael Lohan: “Jail is No Place For a Woman”

Michael Lohan was at court with his daughter, Lindsay Lohan this morning, where she was offered a plea deal in a theft case of a $2,500 stolen necklace.

Though it’s been revealed Lohan will not except the plea because it will involve six months jail time, and will stand trial on March 10th, the Judge made it clear that there will likely be jail time enforced then as well.

Michael Lohan spoke to the press following the hearing, where he revealed his belief that Lindsay Lohan needs therapy, and not prison.

Says Michael; “Jail is no place for a woman, trust me.  I’m a man I could take it, I got glass put in my food, I was stabbed, I went through the ringer, but it’s not a place for a woman.  Especially not my daughter.”

Lindsay Lohan has a few options between now and March 10.  Take the plea deal, and serve six months, which will likely be reduced to around 2-3 based on her previous stints, or plead guilty or no contest, to which would be an admission to probation violation and then lie in the hands of the judge on how much time she serves.  If she pleads not guilty, both sides will be heard and it will be up to the jury, a jury who Michael Lohan believes will not treat his daughter fairly in Hollywood.

Michael adds,

“Put her in a town where nobody knows who Lindsay Lohan is and she’ll do pretty well.  But here, in Hollywood, where so much is sensationalized and twisted, that will be kind of tough, I wouldn’t want to face that kind of a jury.”

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