Teen Asks Justin Bieber To Prom On YouTube

It has worked 50% of the time for the Marines, but now people who haven’t served this country are trying to get in on the YouTube date action.

Cady Eimer from Poquoson, Virginia, posted the video to YouTube asking Bieber to her prom in the form of a rap, then later adding:

“Why don’t you go to prom with somebody who’s not going to be drooling over you all night long, and I’ll treat you like a normal person. It will be really fun, ’cause I’m awesome.”

Why?  We’ll tell you why.  Because Justin Bieber doesn’t need or want to go to the prom.  If he was going to go to any prom, he’d probably choose to take his girlfriend Selena Gomez.  But they are busy going to other prom-esque events called The Grammy’s and The Oscars.

Why don’t you just ask a kid in your class, Cady?   Or graduate, join the Marines, protect this country’s freedom for a few years and then invite a celebrity to the dance…

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One Response to Teen Asks Justin Bieber To Prom On YouTube

  1. Suckballs July 29, 2011 at 9:05 pm #

    Actually Cady uploaded her videos and started her site in February/march. Well before any of the marines started surfacing. You would think that someone “professional” enough to write an article would have the common sense to look that kind of thing up. Try getting your facts straight.

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