Giuliana Rancic To Undergo Double Mastectomy

Not the best news in Giuliana Rancic’s fight against breast cancer.

The original treatment has failed to work, forcing Rancic to have to take the next step and get a double mastectomy.

Here’s what Giuliana had to say;

“Instead of radiation, I’m going to go ahead and move forward. To be honest, at the end, all it came down to was choosing to live and not looking over my shoulder the rest of my life.”

Her husband, Bill Rancic added,

“We were faced with a decision to make … this wasn’t a decision that was made lightly, we talked to as many experts as we could … in this particular case, this is the best option for Giuliana.”

So horrible to hear, but so nice to see Bill being there for her, and we wish her the best in getting better!

Stay strong, G!


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