Alec Baldwin Removed From American Airlines Flight For Failure To Turn Off Phone

Alec Baldwin was escorted off of an American Airline’s flight this week after refusing to turn off his cell phone because he was building up a triple word score in popular iPhone game,  Words With Friends.

Baldwin was on board of an American Airlines flight headed to NYC when the flight was delayed for more than an hour at the gate.

He tweeted out to his followers; “Flightattendant on American [Airlines] reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving.”

After being asked to exit the plane, Baldwin got  put onto a later flight, where he kept his followers updated by saying,

“Now on the 3 o’clock American flight. The flight attendants already look…..smarter,” Baldwin later tweeted.

“Last flight w/American. Where retired Catholic school gym teachers from the 1950’s find jobs as flight attendants,”

American Airlines quickly moved into PR mode and tweeted the actor, “Mr. Baldwin, we are looking into this.”

One company who has Baldwin’s back is Zynga Games, makers of Words With Friends, who sent out a screen grab of their game with the words “Let Alec Play” featured on the board.

The score of the game was  American Airlines 0-  Alec Baldwin 1.


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