Diddy Talks to Ellen About Lending His Home.

Diddy sat down with Ellen Degeneres this afternoon and the two talked about something that everyone else was already talking about. Diddy lending out his home in Miami on Star Island for the Chris Brown and Rihanna reconciliation. Of the situation, Diddy said; “It was a dark time for them and I was there as […]

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Lil’ Kim Proves She’s Crazy.

Lil’ Kim had a lot going on this week.  The premiere of Dancing With the Stars, as well as the anniversary of Biggie’s death, so she was pimping herself out to whoever would listen.  What she said, is another story. She was telling RapRadar.com how she sometimes speaks with BIG when she is asleep at […]

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Rihanna and Chris Brown in Studio Together?

Are you sick of these two yet?  Us too!   It’s being reported that Chris Brown and Rihanna are both back in the studio working on a track together for Brown’s new album with an Atlanta producer in Santa Monica. Brown reportedly feels as if thats the only way to save his own career, by having […]

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XXX Idol.

Has anyone ever had a voting mishap while trying to vote for their favorite contestant on American Idol?  Would you consider trying to vote for Sanjaya but getting a hot phone sex operator on the line a mishap or a gift from god? Well AI just found out the hard way that you have to […]

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Some Disney Hotness.

Vanessa Hudgens looking all kinds of hot as Sleeping Beauty with Zac Efron in the new photo shoot for Walt Disney by celebs photographer Annie Leibovits.

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Speidi Do The View.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag taped a segment for The View this morning to air on Friday the 13th, while The View is in LA shooting for this week. Pratt uploaded the above photo to his new twitter page, and attributes ‘working out on the beach’ to  the reason his hair is so light. He […]

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Enjoy it While it Lasts, Hayden.

According to a report on the radio this morning,  Hayden Hater Panettiere should count her lucky stars that Heroes has not been canceled yet. Hater came under controversey this weekend after she shoved a reporter and snapped on them at a red carpet event in Hawaii telling the press “you guys ruin my life.” Well, […]

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Rusty Rockets Needs Your Help!

Russell Brand, whom shall only be referred to on this site from now on as  Rusty Rockets, needs a fave. Rusty will be on the Jimmy Fallon show in New York tomorrow night (March 11) to promote the release of his book in the US , My Booky Wook,  and he plans to update his […]

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jay leno

Jay Leno to Perform for Michigan Unemployed.

Jay Leno’s Comedy Stimulus Plan is coming to the Palace at Auburn Hills in Detroit Michigan on April 7th and tickets to the show are going to be FREE to all people who are out of work in the area. Michigan’s unemployment rate is one of the highest in the nation. How do you get […]

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Horror King Says ‘If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it.’

Horror movie legend Wes Craven recently admitted that he won’t be seeing the upcoming remake of his classic Nightmare on Elm St, because he thinks that Freddy Krueger should be left alone! Remakes are the new craze , and while Craven justifies remakes based of the fact that there comes a point when you can’t […]

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