Old ‘Friend’ Returns to NBC.

It seems as if Jennifer Aniston’s big screen success has landed her a role back on the small screen. Jennifer will be making a guest appearance for the network whom once used to pay her 1 million per week, NBC.

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Ashlee Simpson is So Pregnant.

It’s no secret she’s going to have her baby in a couple of months, so why’s she trying to hide it with that big scarf and shopping bag?! Ashlee Simpson-Wentz was out and about doing some shopping in Hollywood on Thursday afternoon. Check out the photos after this.

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Happy Birthday Michael Jackson.

Happy Birthday to Michael Jackson! Today the King of Pop turns 50 years old, and what a wild 50 it’s been right? Follow me for the usual.

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Duchovny’s XXX Files.

A celebs entering rehab is about as common as milk on cereal.  I mean what’s the scoop in that. . .but hubba hubba X- Files Hottie David Duchovny checking himself in as a Sex addict is straight out of an episode of “The Red Shoe Diaries!”  The Californication star issued the following statement: “I have […]

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More Lohan Drama Because You Love it!

He isn’t done yet.  Michael Lohan has just sent this little novel of information to OK! Magazine for your viewing pleasure.  Warning, It’s very long, so budget your time before proceeding to the next page.  If you jus want me to sum it up for you, it can be put into 4 words,  the Lohans […]

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In Other Kardashian news…

Kim Kardashian has came up with the most brilliant plan to get votes and stick around during the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars! Intentional or not, this tactic is going to work greatly in her favor, making people wonder what will be next.  Find out Kim’s plan after the click.

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Khloe Kardashian’s Big Give.

Khloe Kardashian is having a contest over on her official blog.  She will be giving away two tickets to the upcoming fashion show at NYC Fashion Week on Sept. 9 that will showcase collections from their two stores, Dash and Smooch.  To find out how you can enter, read on.

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Dear Shannen Doherty.

Calling Tori Spelling a liar in the latest issue of Us Weekly is NOT going to help get her back on the show.  You may not care yourself, Shannen,  but if you care about the fans, and the sake of the show, you would want her back.

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New Video from Shwayze.

Shwayze released their newest music video to the second single off the album; Corona and Lime. Watch the video after the cut.

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Michael Lohan Back in Front with New Attack!

It was only a matter of time, before Michael Lohan checked his myspace and saw the things his daughter wrote about him, but he has officially now ended any chance of a relationship between himself and his daughter with his latest release.

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