Happy Birthday Ke$ha

Ke$ha isn’t the only singer celebrating a birthday to day. Though she won’t be trending on Twitter all day during her 24th birthday, she will reach the milestone of 3Million followers. If one thing can be assumed, it’s that Ke$ha’s birthday will be much sleazier than Justin Biebers.

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Lindsay Lohan’s SNL Promos

Lindsay Lohan’s fourth trip to the SNL rodeo will happen this Saturday night, and the promos for her hosting gig have arrived. Lindsay joins Keenan Thompson in the promo spots, in which she pokes fun at the media coverage of her life, among other things. Check out Lindsay’s promo video below, and tune in Saturday […]

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Justin Bieber’s Mama Fighting To Keep Women’s Shelter Open

Justin Bieber’s mom is leading the crusade to keep a  shelter where she gave birth to the pop star open. Patti Malette has joined a campaign to save The Salvation Army’s Bethesda Center in London, Ontario Canada open after charity bosses have announced plans to close the shelter, which supports pregnant teens and young moms, […]

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Full Length Trailer For ‘The Avengers’ Released

Not only is there a new poster to get you excited for the release of ‘The Avengers’ on May 4th, but a full length trailer has arrived as well! All of your favorite heroes are there, and plenty of mayhem ensues. Check out the official full length for ‘The Avengers’ below.

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Ke$ha’s New Look: Hair Do, Or Hair Don’t?

Ke$ha has never been one to shy away from doing something different.   This new hair-do we have yet to see anywhere else! The ‘Tik Tok’ singer uploaded the photo shown above to her Twitter page on Tuesday with the caption,” I look like a homeless clown right now.” Interesting choice to say the least, what […]

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Rihanna Not In Contention For Whitney Houston Biopic

Not because Rihanna couldn’t play Whitney Houston in a biopic, but because there is no biopic in talks…yet. Last week, after the tragic passing of Whitney Houston , a report in The Daily Mail claimed that legendary music producer Clive Davis was in talks to get a script done for a Houston biopic, and both […]

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Man Shot At Rick Ross’ Home

Miami police have launched an investigation after a man was found  shot dead at rapper Rick Ross’ home on Wednesday morning. Although the report claims the rapper was not home during the time of the incident, and is not a suspect in the crime, he will be brought in for questioning. The 40-year-old unidentified victim […]

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Lindsay Lohan More Of a “Homebody” Now

Lindsay Lohan seems to be free and clear of all her legal problems now that she’s been handling her morgue business, so how is she keeping it together? According to Lohan, she’s become more of a “homebody.” Lohan has begun the task of repairing her career by landing a hosting gig on SNL and the […]

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RIP Davy Jones!

Legendary singer and TV star Davy Jones has passed away at a Florida hospital. According to TMZ, the Monkees star died of a heart attack. Jones, along with  Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork churned out a bunch of hit as ‘The Monkees’ back in 1965, and also starred in the NBC show of […]

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Nicollette Sheridan’s ‘Desperate Housewives’ Trial Under Way

Nicollette Sheridan’s legal battle with Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has kicked off in a Los Angeles court room. The former DH actress filed a $20 million lawsuit against Cherry in back in 2010, alleging that he slapped her in the face after she expressed an opinion about a script he had written, as well […]

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