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Puppy Love.

Check out these photos of James Woods kissing his best friend in Hollywood earlier this week. Thats two times in a row James has brought a pal to lunch with him!

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How Did He Do It?

James Woods doesn’t have any children, so how exactly did the 61-year-old star who’s been single for nearly 20 years get this young chick to go to lunch with him? James is notorious for having lunch in Hollywood.  By himself. Hey young chick!  Who are you, and why are you eating with James Woods?

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The Guy Can Eat!

It seems like James Woods eats lunch every day!  Okay, so most people eat lunch every day, but do most people get photographed eating lunch every day? No! James enjoyed lunch and caught up on an issue of Vanity Fair (no, not the Miley issue) in Hollywood earlier this week.

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Business as usual.

James Woods enjoyed a business lunch in West Hollywood earlier this week.  The Shark star is always out talking business.  Unfortunately this time he hid his baby bump.

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