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Celebs Fit Club Return Date Announced

The new season of Celebrity Fit Club on VH1 has finally gotten a premiere date. All the action and drama is back on February 8th! This season stars  Kevin Federline, Shar Jackson, Nicole Eggert, Sebastian Bach, Kaycee Stroh, Jay McCarroll, Bobby Brown, and Tanisha Thomas. Who do you guys think is going to win? If […]

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EXCLUSIVE!! Celebs Fit Crew Looks More Like The Cast Of Police Academy 12!!

EXCLUSIVE!!! Looking more like outtakes from the shooting of  Police Academy 12 -Fat Fights Back, Kevin Federline, Bobby Brown, Jay McCarroll, Nicole Eggert, Sebastian Bach, Kaycee Stroh and Tinnesa Thomas try to stay in the game on Celebrity Fat Fit Club Bobby’s Body looks good, but K-Fat honey, your body ain’t supposed to float that […]

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K-Fed Eats Up For Celebs Fit Club

MSNBC’s The Scoop is reporting that Kevin Federline has been quadrupling his 711 visits to ready himself for Celebrity Fat Fit Club. Already nicknamed K-Fat by the world, the chubbie famous ex-hubbie is hoping to be enormous enough in time for the Reality Show, premiering this February on VH1 According to an MSNBC source: “He […]

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Kevin Federline to Do Some Much-Needed Clubbing

  See, Kevin Federline was just gaining weight for a roll: he’ll be playing “Fat Kevin Federline” on the next season of Celebrity Fit Club. That’s a far cry from the reality show about his life as an awesome dad he was pitching a few months back. Stay Fed (guess who came up with that? K-Fed himself) […]

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Bobby Brown to Go on Celebs Fit Club, Use His Scale for Something Other Than Drugs

While Whitney Houston is going on Oprah, Good Morning America, and debuting number one albums, her former husband Bobby Brown is also plotting his own comeback. Bobby is slated to become one of the Celebrity Fit Club members on the next incarnation of the Vh1 show. Not quite as prestige a comeback vehicle… The caliber […]

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Happy National Junk Food Day!

As if we needed a reason to eat fatty foods, it’s National Junk Food day , and nobody loves junk food like K-Fud. Kevin Federline slimmed down big time with the help of Celebrity Fit Club, but as soon as the show ended, it was back to the snack! Check out these recent most recent […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! K-Fud is Back

Keven Federline, who did pretty good at slimming down after a stint on Celebrity Fit Club, has packed the pounds back on. We spotted K-Fed EXCLUSIVELY this past weekend going to lunch with some friends, and it would appear he’s let go of all the hard work. Let’s not forget to note that he’s wearing […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! is K-Fed Putting the Weight Back On?

K-Fed slimmed down substantially after a stint on Celebrity Fit Club, but is he starting to gain it all back? Maybe we can just blame it on his baggy shorts and baggy sweat shirt, but he’s going to have to be careful! We spotted Kevin Federline and girlfriend Victoria Prince hitting up their number one […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Guns Drawn on Nicole Eggert’s Date

Look who we spotted out rockin her new bod! Nicole Eggert, who has slimmed down quite a bit in the past couple months mostly due to her stint on celebs fit club, along with daughter and trainer Harver Walden. Nicole and Harvey appeared to have been on a pseudo date, as she was dressed to […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Kevin Federline Takes The Whole Fam to the Movies

Smoking is NOT the best example to be setting for the kiddies, Kevin!  Not very good for their health (or yours) either! We spotted a smoking Kevin Federline EXCLUSIVELY taking all the little kiddies to see Clash of the Titans 3D in Los Angeles this weekend. K-Fed, along with girlfriend Victoria Prince, took  Kori and […]

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