Here comes Mama!

britney-mom.jpgLynne Spears arrived at LAX last night, hopefully to visit with Britney.  It’s about damn time!  I mean I know Zoey 101 is underage and knocked up, but how unfair is it that she has been spending all of her time with Jamie?  Here’s my theory. . .Lynne was watching Entertainment tonight like the rest of us, realized that Adnan isn’t the creep that she thought he was, and the words that he spoke rang true to her.  Y’all know I am totally “Team Adnan,” and I do believe that he spoke from his heart last week when he said that Britney and Lynne both needed each other.  I think this is a time for healing to begin.   So “better late then never, Lynne,”  I will forgive you for taking so long just as long as you do your very best to help out now.  It takes time to come around some times and I can only imagine the stress Lynne is feeling having two of her kids going through rocky times.  Plus Lynne is pretty so she deserves forgiveness.

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