Heil Kat!

I knew she was too cool to be true. . .Sad but true.Kat Von D. seems to be anti-semitic.  TLC has had a certified handwriting professional study this autographed picture of Kat sent to her ex-boss, Ami James (of Miami Ink), and it is 99% Kat Von D’s handwriting. . .I almost cried.What is most ironic about this entire situation is that Kat has Argentinian blood in her.  That could be synonymous with having some Jewish blood in her as well. Trust me, I live with an Argentinian, I go to Argentina at least three times a year, and I have to eat matzo balls and kosher dogs more than I would like.Just sayin!But, seriously, let’s cut the girl some slack.  I mean, she was born in Mexico, her parents are native Argentinians with German, Spanish, and Italian roots, she grew up in Colton Cali, and then moved to Hollywood. Not only is she far from being a born and raised “purebred,” she probably has some identity issues as well. . .On a side note, is it just me, or is looking somewhat demonic in that pic?  Maybe I just misunderstood her little message.  After all, it does say xoxox!

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