Hey, Crack Dealers: Think Twice Before Getting That Forearm Tattoo If You Want to Be a Movie Star Someday


50 Cent has gone under the laser to remove his forearm tattoos. To hear the erstwhile crack kingpin/actor tell it, ““I took some of the tattoos off because on the movie set, if we got a six o’clock call time, I have to be there (at) two o’clock the night before.”

Wouldn’t that be 26 hours in the make-up chair? What did he have tattooed on his arm? A blacker arm?

If  you like 50 Cent enough to still be reading this post, can we non-jokingly suggest that you read the man’s memoir, From Pieces to Weight? Not only will you glean from it a working knowledge of the crack trade that will add immensely to your enjoyment of 50’s lyrics, but you will truly appreciate how far the man has come in his life. He used to hide his uncut coke from his uncles. He’s hiding tattoos from directors now. America is the greatest country in the world.

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