Mischa Barton the Day Before Her Hospitalization


Remember when Mischa Barton was the It Girl all the way back in the early 2000’s? No, really, do you remember? I’m trying to verify that that actually happened, because I have never watched one episode of The O.C. in my life. But I hear she was pretty big a few years ago. Which makes it all the more tragic to see these depressing photos of Mischa the day before she was taken to the hospital for Britney-like reasons.

Instead of posting one of the tragic photos of Misch taken by RadarOnline, here’s a bikini shot from back in the day. Ah, a much simpler time. But really, I’ve never seen someone lose and gain weight like that so quickly. Is it coke bloat? Is it because she was forced to gain weight for her next role?

I’d actually say she looks with more weight if I wasn’t aware how skinny she was about a minute ago. No one gets that big that quickly unless Kevin Spacey is force-feeding them spaghetti.

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