What Does a National Tragedy and Monsters vs. Aliens Have in Common?


Ever wonder what it would be like to actually sink on a ship or have debris flying at your head? Wonder no longer! (Or at least only for the next year and a half.) James Cameron announced at Comic-Con that he plans to “dimensionalize” Titanic by giving it the 3D treatment like every other movie coming out:

“Working on the upcoming 3D flick Avatar is what inspired James Cameron to give his watery epic the multi-dimensional makeover. According to Cinematical, the process will take one year to 14 months to complete, meaning the revamped film could likely hit the big screen sometime in 2011, probably around the much-coveted holiday season.” This also means that Kate Winslet‘s boobs will now look bigger than ever! High-five!

This is the kind of movie news that people make up as jokes. How come everyone completely forgets that the Titanic was an actual tragedy that left hundreds of people dead? I truly doubt any survivors (if there still were any around) would find it whimsical and exhilarating to be taken on a three-dimensional journey of a ship sinking if they had experienced it in real life.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the 3D version of Spike Lee‘s hurricane Katrina documentary When the Levees Broke.

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