Don’t Cry For Paula, American Idol


The truth is – she’s got a lot of offers comin’ in.

According to the Twitter Quitter (who, it seems, has abandoned a slew of management peons to deal directly with the world through the social networking service) Miss Paula is movin’ on.

Yesterday, a tweet from Idol alum Melinda Doolittle reduced the former judge to tears. And why is that bad? Because she was getting ready to shoot a scene for a Lifetime show! 3XTweeted Paula:

Melinda, what you posted about me on your blog… brought me to tears, which my make-up artist didn’t appreciate since I was seconds away from filming a scene on the TV show Drop Dead Diva, having said that I soo appreciate your reflection of your experience with me and paying me such honor & respect. I love you Melinda and I am so proud of what you are achieving!”

And while she was shooting that Lifetime show, Paula called the Associated Press to let the world know, she’s doing just fine. Said Paula:

β€œAt this point, there are so many wonderful things that are being offered to me,” Abdul said. β€œAnd I got to take a deep breath, sleep a little … and go through everything.”

What do you think? Courageous or does this stink of desperation?!

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