Stalking George Clooney Will Cost You


Attention from fans and paparazzi toward George Clooney has gotten so intense in the small Italian town he calls home that the mayor declared a fine for Clooney stalking.

Clooney owns an opulent house, Villa Oleandra, near Lake Como in northern Italy. The actor’s presence in the town of Laglio had always caused a stir, but his recent relationship with Italian Elizabetta Canalis has caused a media sensation. In order to curb the annoying shouts and crowds, the mayor Giorgio Pozzi has instituted a fine of €19 for gathering around the star’s home with more than 3 people. Clooney, reportedly, had nothing to do with the fine.

Um, so I believe we’ve just solved America’s budget crisis. Fine teenage girls $19 every time they hound Robert Pattinson and we may just dig ourselves out of this deficit. Get me Obama on the phone!

Check out George without paying a fine, with these pics!

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