Tony Danza to Show High Schoolers Who’s Boss for A&E Reality Show

who's the boss

Tony Danza, best known for playing Tony on Taxi and Tony on Who’s the Boss? is working with A&E on a reality show which would have him teaching a 10th grade English class. The show, called Teach, is still waiting for approval from the Philadelphia school board to continue.

Danza would be co-teaching with a competent, non-D List celebs instructor in a public school classroom in Philly. The school district would receive $3,500 per episode, plus the final say in what gets edited out. Mayor Michael Nutter (who might just be a nutter) urges the school board to approve, citing unique opportunities for the kids, like production internships; as well as a possible rise in new teacher recruiting.

Tony Danza holds a degree in History Education for the University of Dubuque (Iowa), so he’s got some background in education. Reality TV- exploiting addicts, exploiting idiots, and now exploiting 10th graders. Oy.

Source: AP

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