Sci-Fi Showdown at Box Office as District 9 Beats Time Traveler’s Wife


The Peter Jackson-produced aliens-live-among-us action flick District 9 opened at #1 this weekend with a $37 million haul. I want to see it, but I can’t see movies the weekend they open because I can’t sit  in a crowded theater surrounded by cretins eating popcorn with their open mouths. And I can never see movies at the Grove because that’s the worst place in Los Angeles to see a film if you don’t want want to listen to high school juniors eat nachos and text for 90 minutes. Also, I can’t afford a movie ticket.

Rounding out the top five: G.I. Joe banked another $22.5 million, bringing it to a grand total of nearly $99 million worth of disappointment; The Time Traveler’s Wife bowed to $19.5 million, every penny of it from both men and women who have, at some point in their life, TiVo’d something on Lifetime; Julia & Julia with $12.4 million, and the cartoon gerbil action movie for kids G-Force added $6.9 million to its take for a grand total of $99 million. Zach Galifianakis is officially on fire.

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