Thousands of People Call Ben Stein Stupid – Is It a World Record?


If you are a Jew who denies evolution in favor of creationism, you are too stupid to be a Jew. Ben Stein is too stupid to be a Jew. Just because you can’t wrap your empty head around the sound science of Darwin’s theories does not mean that life on Earth came from a magic ghost in outer space. Ben is also a little bitch of a  quisling – Intelligent Design is the stalking horse of radical Christians who want to establish a theocracy in America. The people who agree with your position don’t like you as a person, Ben – they think you’re an ugly Christ-killer who’s going to hell. And they’re right, except for the hell thing. Hell doesn’t exist.

That’s the comment I would have left in a thread of 2,640 comments for Roger Ebert‘s review of Ben Stein’s execrable anti-science, pro-magic documentary Expelled. The thread got so long that Roger actually submitted it to the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest thread on the internet. He hasn’t been awarded the title, but he did have to shut down the original thread because Movable Type stopped adding new responses. But fear not – if you want to call Ben Stein a sad, stupid, self-loathing toady of the Gentiles, you can do so here, in a new blog from Roger about how many comments the first one received.

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