If You Like Golf and Ray Romano, Check Out This Show About Ray Romano Golfing


Golf is the hobby of the idle rich. To prove this, The Golf Channel (if you don’t have it, call your cable company and complain that your bill isn’t high enough) has tapped Ray Romano as the new star of its series The Haney Project, which features Tiger Woods’ “swing coach” teaching the sitcom star how to jump, jive and wail like he’s in a Gap ad. Oh, wait, I’m a moron; he’ll just teach the guy how to hit a ball.

This is the second season of The Haney Project. Season one was the second-highest rated program in the channel’s history. It starred Charles Barkley, who would have been better served by a show called The Successful Gambling Addict Project, although I’m sure the Round Mound’s improved swing has paid off in green on the green.

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