Tyra Banks’ Journalistic Integrity Called Into Question


Awww, heeell no! Mediatakeout.com is saying “You is a LIE!” to Tyra Banks! And I is ain’t using intentionally racist language, they literally said “You is a LIE!” (Fine, what they actually said is “You is a LIE!!!!”) Brace yourselves,but it turns out that some of the imbecilic guests who spew controversial statements on the show, goading the audience into vociferous rounds of “no you didn’t,” are actually actors coached on what to say. An embarrassed panelist wrote a mea culpa to the site for his participation in an episode that looked critically at society’s ongoing problem with haters. He’s the dark-skin, light-loafered man in the clip below calling another black guy too black:

An excerpt from his letter to MTO:

We were told how to act and what characters to portray…You should know the show is scripted. Many of the cast members were picked off of acting websites and they are really great people…I KNOW IT SUCKS WHAT I DID BUT ALL OF US WERE DESPERATE TO GET OUR START AND FACES SEEN. I will be doing plenty of other things soon.

I bet you will! Playing a fake black-on-black racist on a talk show is where Don Cheadle got his start. (It’s the episode of Morton Downey, Jr. called “I Look Down On Dark-Skin Folks Even Though I’m Black As Ink” – search YouTube.)

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One Response to Tyra Banks’ Journalistic Integrity Called Into Question

  1. September 17, 2009 at 12:45 pm #

    Oh NO you didn’t, Grant! She just tryin 2 stop h8s. TyTy worked hard on finding xceptions and when she couldnt so what if she had to find actors it dont mean they wernt thinking it anyways.

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