How Come You Can Develop Immunity to Snakebite Venom, But David Hasselhoff Keeps Getting Alcohol Poisoning?


I have a friend who refers to continuing to drink after you’ve vomited from being drunk as a “champ move.” But that’s some entry-level dipsomania compared to the Hoff. He just did the alcohol poisoning hat trick – three separate stints in the hospital from drinking a near-fatal amount of hooch:

Hasselhoff was at home with his 17-year-old daughter Hayley and his male assistant when he appeared to be in physical danger. After allegedly drinking for more than a day, his daughter found him and frantically called her mother, who then had a friend call the authorities.

Hasselhoff, 57, recently finished taping his show “America’s Got Talent and has been “boozing heavily on vodka” ever since, a source told Radar.

I honestly don’t understand how anyone can get that drunk without simply puking themselves sober before passing out. I mean, I once went to bed so drunk I woke up a little bit still drunk, but Dr. Keith from Fox News says it might take years for David to get sober. Wow. And I thought the longest-lasting drug was LSD.

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